“Best friends”

You never liked change. You hated the idea of leaving the safe confines of high school and starting a new chapter in university. You hated change so much that you drifted away from me, your supposed “best friend” after I broke up with an abusive, manipulative asshole. He remained in the friend group and I tried to distance myself, for reasons that I thought were obvious.

I wasn’t ready to tell you or anyone about the manipulation, the lying, and the hurt. Even so, I expected you to be there for me. Because we were “best friends”. It was easier for you to stay safe in your nice little comfort zone than to be there for me. I’m not blaming you, but I am angry and hurt at how everything panned out. I am also thankful that I found out who my real friends were.

You and our other “best friend”, we were a solid trio, or so I thought. But you both pulled back. I thought I knew who would be there for me and I was wrong. Friendships are tough like that, because when they end it can be harder than ending a relationship. After breaking up with my boyfriend, I thought I could turn to my friends. After breaking up with friends, who do you turn to? The end of our friendship, where you two went off and I was left alone, still hurts me today whereas the pain of ending my relationship no longer does.