Mental illness is not an excuse

Reminder that mentally ill people can be abusive. Reminder that you do not have to excuse their abusive behaviour just because they’re in pain.

If you are hurting and you blame others for your pain, you are being manipulative.

If someone actually abuses you, you can state the fact that they abused you and you are now feeling pain.

If someone criticizes or critiques you, and it hurts you, these are your own insecurities. This does not make them abusive. This does not make them toxic.

If you tell someone it’s their fault you had a breakdown, or want to hurt yourself, or want to kill yourself, you ARE being manipulative and unfair. Even if they hurt you.

Fighting fire with fire doesn’t work.

2 thoughts on “Mental illness is not an excuse

  1. Nice writing. A good reminder for those with mental illness. Including me, thus I need to say something abt this.
    I personally don’t mind being criticized by others as long as they deliver it in a good way and also it’s a kind of constructive criticism. I’m open to it, in fact I really appreciate that, and i think it’s just a form of love and concern they’re trying to show to me. But sometimes there are also people who constantly criticize me, for every single thing that I do & feel, for all the things that I cannot change, with the intention of hurting me, belittle me, and lower the already low self-esteem that I have, and that’s the kind of toxic people. And that’s what I mean when I called people toxic. And I dont think i’m being manipulative for that. But of couse there are also people who might use their mental illness as an excuse to make other people feel bad for what they do to them.

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    1. Thanks for your insightful comment. Yes I was talking about when people with mental illness blame other people for their pain. Such as “you made me have a breakdown” or “you made me cut myself”. That is manipulative. What you talked about is fair, I think!

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